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Are You A Blessed Spouse?

Our Unity in Marriage course is getting an update! I am excited to share with you a new at-a-glance chart that will now be the backbone of the course.This unique tool is going to assist you significantly. Whether you are a counselor or a couple, this chart will help you in digesting and applying the vital biblical concepts and assignments that the Lord has used to transform lives and relationships at the center for years. There are even hyperlinks on the chart to dozens of marriage counseling assignments. The chart starts with nine challenging affirmations that embody nine learner goals covered in the course and marriage counseling. These challenge statements emerge after many years of personal experience in biblical marriage counseling, training and the study of Gods a Word. I think of them as nine biblical heart-attitudes or heart-conditions of a blessed spouse. Are you a blessed spouse? THE HEART CONDITION OF A BLESSED SPOUSE “I desire to learn to deal with my spouse’s sin the…