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Let me encourage today on thanksgiving, not just to give thanks for the good God has given but for God Himself.
For your good and the good of those you will be sharing this thanksgiving with, take time after the meal to read through the following list of how good your God is. Ask if this would be okay if you are the guest. As time permits and your audience is willing read some of the passages that affirms these truths about our God.
Our country is forgetting God on part because those of us who know Him keep Him and His goodness a secret. May this tool be used to glorify the goodness of our God today in and through you and me. Tim Bryant
1. God is Good - Nah 1:7; Ps 118:1; P 07:1; 118:1; Ps 31:19; Ps 34:8
2. God is Surpassingly Rich in Grace – Eph 2:7
3. God is Merciful and Compassionate- Rom 9:8; Ps 51:1
4. God is Ready to Forgive if we will confess our sin – Ps 103:8-14; 130:3-4; Is 1:18; Is 38:17
5. God is Kind Intentioned toward us - Eph 2:7; Rom 11:22
6. God is Gentle – Matt 11:29

Counseling Women Who Are Going Through a Divorce

(The following outline is a great example of the biblical approach you will learn through our Divorce & Remarriage Workshops that are part of our Marriage & Family Counseling Training. To sign up for these materials please contact us at


I. Introduction
A. In my years of counseling women it was always difficult to work with women who were going through a divorce because their emotional pain was always so great. Often they felt overwhelmed. The wife may not know what is really happening. She is sometimes confused, hurt, guilt- laden, scared, angry, grieving, self-pitying, and desperate even if she is a Christian. Very often there are huge financial problems and not enough money to pay the bills much less hire a lawyer. The children are upset, her parents are grieved and/or angry. Everyone involved, at various times, wants revenge. Divorce is often worse than a death. Divorce is embarrassing, humiliating, devastating, an…