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Forgiving Sins Against Us

Forgiving sins against us can be very difficult. Below are three truths to "hear" daily and four commitments to exercise in order to find the power to forgive. For each section look up the verses cited and write a prayer to the Father confessing where you have struggled to believe His perspective or apply His instructions toward the person to whom has sinned against you. Ask him for help in believing His Word and doing His will in the pain you are suffering. Ask him for his forgiveness as you commit to moving forward in forgiveness. Hide in your heart daily for the next month key verses from this study. Choose verses that best remind you to affirm and put into action what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you about biblical forgiveness. Move away from bitter thoughts by rehearsing specific verses below and taking specific steps of obedience by faith.

A. REHEARSE THE TRUTH - Renew Your Faith Daily In Three Biblical, Faith-Affirmations

1. God Is My Sovereign Father - Rom 8:28-29;…