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Concerned About Spouse's Influence on Your Child? Tim Bryant

When you are worried about the environment that your spouse is creating for your child, there may be some wise things you need to do to reduce those problems. Yet, your greatest need is to let the Word keep your faith strong in Christ's sovereign grace so that fear does not control your thoughts, actions and emotions.  Fear-based reactions instead of faith-based responses greatly reduces the spiritual influence you will have in your child's life and circumstances.  You, nor God, nor your children are victims of your spouse’s ungodliness.  If you think this way, you will be overcome by the evil instead of overcome the evil with good.  Your God is sovereign!  In the end He wins and those He loves! (Ps 46:10-11; Romans 8:28-29).

How does God intend the following passages to comfort and guide you in the concerns you have over the unspiritual influence that your spouse (or ex-spouse) is having upon your child(ren)?  Use the Practical Biblical Meditation sheet that follows as a way t…